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Horizontal scrollbar for DayPilot Calendar (sync multi cals scroll)

Asked by Buzz
14 years ago.

I have 6 day pilots on the page with the header turned off and 1 with no data and just a header in resource view.
All have the same width.

The ability to scroll the dp horizontally, is high on the users wish list however I wont be able to take advantage of this new feature, as the 6 cals are stacked under each other and line up with a shared header.

Would it be possible to link the cals on the page together so when you scroll one horizontally, all the cals move keeping them inline with the header.

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
14 years ago.

Do these 6 controls represent 6 days?

I would like to extend the DayPilot Calendar so it can show more than one day vertically. That would probably help you.

Meanwhile, you can try to hack a workaround yourself: Put the header calendar in one div (divHeader) with overflow:hidden style. Put all the other calendars into another div (divBody) with overflow-x:scroll (and specify the width -- you may have troubles using 100% but try fixed width).

Hook divBody.onscroll and update the divHeader.scrollLeft according to divBody.scrollLeft;

Comment posted by Mauro
13 years ago.

I think all users of the calendar need a lot of horizontal scroll bar without a doubt would be something very much value for the component.


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