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How to convert php to spring boot

Answered: Unfortunately, this tutorial is not available for Spring Boot at this moment. To see how the Calendar and Scheduler components can be used with Spring Boot backend, please see the following tutorials...

db not working

Answered: The database will be created and initialized automatically - see also the _db_mysql.php script for details. Just make sure that _db.php points to the mysql backend (and not sqlite). Also, check that ...

change doctor name and add doctor

Answered: Management of the doctors is not included in the project - in order to keep it simple. 1. You can add traditional form-based web interface to edit the doctors table. 2. You can extend the manager's i...

Need DayPilot Javscript non-minified source code

Answered: Please see the licensing options here:

limited timeframe

Answered: already found the solution need to change $morning_shift_starts = 9; $morning_shift_ends = 13; $afternoon_shift_starts = 14; $afternoon_shift_ends = 18; in the backend_create.php thankyou anyway

options to split hour

Answered: For the Calendar component (used in index.php and doctor.php) you can adjust the scale to show 15-minute cells using cellDuration property: var calendar= new DayPilot.Calendar("dp"); // ... calen...

the patient interface doesnt allows entries or shows available slots

im running it on local server(wamp) manager can set schedule but the doctor or patient can not enter the data into the scheduled slots even after clicking on them any suggestions? i have uploaded ind...


I have done everything and yet no error but when I insert a data, it does not show in my database. Please help. Thank you


Answered: Unfortunately not at this moment.

change doctors

Answered: You can simply delete the othe doctors in the database ('doctor' table).


Answered: As noted in the tutorial text, the project download includes a trial version of DayPilot Pro that displays the DEMO label. It's licensed for evaluation purposes only. If you want to use the tutorial ...

How to execute using MySQL instead of SQLite?

Answered: The default MySQL port is 3306 so keep that value (unless you have changed the port in your MySQL installation). As far as I can see there are no extra backticks in the SQL commands. Your _db.php sho...

How to limit appointment time only to 30 minutes?

Answered: 1. The default appointment slot duration is set in "backend_create.php" file using $slot_duration variable: $slot_duration = 60; You can change it as needed. 2. Yes, you should change sesion_id t...


Answered: The easiest way to try it out is to download the project and run it on a local webserver with PHP enabled (e.g. Linux with Apache and PHP). Just copy the project to the web root. If you use MySQL you...

HTML5 Doctor Appointment Scheduling (JavaScript/PHP/MySQL)"

Answered: If you are asking about how to install the project locally to try it out please see this answer: If you are asking about licensing - you'll need a DayP...
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