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Can an Event option be used to adjust Business hours for a Scheduler resource?

Answered: Hi Tony, I'm happy to hear that DayPilot helps. Unfortunately the business hours are specified on the resource (row) level. At this moment, there is no way to set different business hours for differe...

ShowNonBusiness is not working In Scheduler

Answered: All properties of the DayPilot JavaScript objects use lower camel case (just like JavaScript generally). Try this instead: $scope.dpc.businessBeginsHour = 8; $scope.dpc.businessEndsHour = 18; $...

Calendar - Weekend different color

Answered: You can change the color of the background cells using BeforeCellRender event handler. You can change the cell CSS class using e.CssClass, you can also change the IsBusiness status using e.IsBusiness...
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