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Crosshair=header : highlight don't disapear anymore when moving in columns header

Answered: This issue is now fixed and the fix will be included in the next ASP.NET version release which will be available in about 14 days.

Show Bubble or Tooltips on empty cell

Answered: This is not supported at the moment but it's a good idea for one of the future releases.

Crosshair when Drag&Drop

Hi there, is it possible thow show the crosshair in scheduler when I drag an event? At the time when I click the event to drag&drop, the crosshair is not available. Thanks for help. Dennis

Scheduler - cell mouseover resource and time headers shaded with custom color

Answered: You can use CrosshairColor and CrosshairOpacity properties.

Is it possible to influence the color of the crosshair?

Answered: Two new properties were added (build 6.7.1847) to DayPilot Scheduler: CrosshairOpacity (default value 20) CrosshairColor (default value "gray") You can use them to adjust the appearance of the crossh...
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