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Show Bubble or Tooltips on empty cell

Answered: This is not supported at the moment but it's a good idea for one of the future releases.

Crosshair when Drag&Drop

Hi there, is it possible thow show the crosshair in scheduler when I drag an event? At the time when I click the event to drag&drop, the crosshair is not available. Thanks for help. Dennis

Scheduler - cell mouseover resource and time headers shaded with custom color

Answered: You can use CrosshairColor and CrosshairOpacity properties.

Is it possible to influence the color of the crosshair?

Answered: Two new properties were added (build 6.7.1847) to DayPilot Scheduler: CrosshairOpacity (default value 20) CrosshairColor (default value "gray") You can use them to adjust the appearance of the crossh...
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