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Event for resource column click?

Answered: Just found out about:

Last column Header Lower

I have a possible bug/issue with DayPilot 8.1 where the text in the last cell of the header barely appears. I have been tweaking and adjusting the config in angular directive + $scope.config to get i...

Headers with different height

Hello, Is it possible to configure a different height for each header? For example I have 3 headers, Month, Day and Hours, and I want to have Month 40px height and Day, Hours height with a height of ...

IE + Floating Month Headers in Scheduler

Thank you for the update to the Month Headers in Scheduler, this is something that I was hoping for for a long time. Unfortunately, our official browser at work is Internet Explorer, and the floating...

RowHeaderColumn only vertical

Answered: It should be fixed now in version 7.6.2997. You can test it in the sandbox:

Export/Print custom headers

Answered: This bug is fixed now in the 7.5 release:

Scheduler - HeaderRow Start at 23 o`clock

Answered: Yes, it's possible. The StartDate must be set to the first day. You need to use ShowNonBusiness="false" option. Then you will be able to hide individual time columns using BeforeTimeHeaderRender even...
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