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Display additional header column over multiple dates

Answered: You can add custom elements to the time header using active areas (demo): You can either create a special row for this bar or add it to an existing row.

Gannt View Sticky date header.

Answered: Please see my comments here:

How can I make sticky date header of Angular Gantt view?

Answered: The horizontal (date/time) header is sticky by default. You just need to set the height properly. For all options, please see the Scheduler height topic in the documentation (the Gantt chart uses the...

Sticky Time Header on Javascript Scheduler

Answered: You need to use heightSpec value other than "Auto": That will enable a vertical scrollbar and the time header will remain fixed. It's a good idea to design ...

Crosshair=header : highlight don't disapear anymore when moving in columns header

Answered: This issue is now fixed and the fix will be included in the next ASP.NET version release which will be available in about 14 days.

Event for resource column click?

Answered: Just found out about:

Last column Header Lower

I have a possible bug/issue with DayPilot 8.1 where the text in the last cell of the header barely appears. I have been tweaking and adjusting the config in angular directive + $scope.config to get i...

Headers with different height

Hello, Is it possible to configure a different height for each header? For example I have 3 headers, Month, Day and Hours, and I want to have Month 40px height and Day, Hours height with a height of ...

IE + Floating Month Headers in Scheduler

Thank you for the update to the Month Headers in Scheduler, this is something that I was hoping for for a long time. Unfortunately, our official browser at work is Internet Explorer, and the floating...

RowHeaderColumn only vertical

Answered: It should be fixed now in version 7.6.2997. You can test it in the sandbox:

Export/Print custom headers

Answered: This bug is fixed now in the 7.5 release:

Scheduler - HeaderRow Start at 23 o`clock

Answered: Yes, it's possible. The StartDate must be set to the first day. You need to use ShowNonBusiness="false" option. Then you will be able to hide individual time columns using BeforeTimeHeaderRender even...
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