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daypilot print() Chrome not working

Answered: Workaround found. By creating a fake (hidden) iFrame and exporting the daypilot calendar to an image, you can place the image in the iframe and print the iframe. Like so: $("#print-button").click(fun...

DayPilot Scheduler is slow in IE (only in IE)

Hi, Hope you could help me. We are using Scheduler v8 (Pro) and got an issue that it's really slow in IE (10, 11, Edge). Everything is fine in Chrome and Firefox, though. I've tried to disable nearly...

IE11, Win8.1 - extrem slow reactions

Answered: Loading less Events should be a good Thing. Now i am getting back about 20 Events. And the CPU is "only" going up to 6% when reloading. And when Scrolling at this Moment the Scheduler hangs for a sho...
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