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daypilot print() Chrome not working

Answered: Workaround found. By creating a fake (hidden) iFrame and exporting the daypilot calendar to an image, you can place the image in the iframe and print the iframe. Like so: $("#print-button").click(fun...

While printing Scheduler I'm getting text color error.

Answered: The Scheduler tries to read the actual event styles but it does it using a standard event (and not for every item). If you apply custom text color (and other properties) using a CSS class it won't be...

exportAs printing method throws an error

Answered: I do not see any error with the latest release so I recommend giving it a try. Please let me know if the problem persists.

Cannot export or print schedule [AngularJS]

Answered: Update: The latest sandbox build (8.4.3098) accepts string, number and null (null was added in this build). The exception text now includes the value type. Pl...

Scheduler print error on Internet Explorer

Hi, I've followed this guide: but on Internet Explorer it fails :( IE is in compatibility mode: EmulateIE10 Thanks, Giovanni

Export to PNG

I am implementing the print functionality in a page that inherits master page in wen I clock on print the PNG generated has all the tabs n stuff which are in master page...How can I get on...

Full View Print on Scheduler

Answered: Yes, it's possible using the standard exportAs().print() call. Just specify the area you want to export: dp.exportAs("svg", { area: "full"}).print(); You can try it in the browser console in the ...

need a sample program

Can u give me a sample asp program to display the date,time,and calendar of that month when it is runned or compilled

Calender controls

how to show the monthcalendar of the text given in a textbox in the format of dd/mm/yyyy

Export/Print custom headers

Answered: This bug is fixed now in the 7.5 release:
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