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Uncaught Error: Event data item must specify 'start' property

Answered: You need to check the Scheduler event data ( The data items must use the structure described here: This error suggests that the data item...

Gantt - Error: 'Bubble support is not implmented yet.'

Answered: This is a bug of the latest release (2018.1.5927). It's fixed now in version 2018.1.5936:

Daypilot Event Calender HeightSpec property Issue

Answered: If the calendar is inside a hidden element during startup the scrollbar position can't be set (this is a browser limitation). There is a workaround solution implemented in the latest sandbox build (7...

Events' times not matching placement on dpc

Answered: This turned out to be a bug in StartDate property handling. Setting this property to a DateTime value that included time during a callback confused the calculations. It's now fixed in the code base (...
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