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How to load events only from a specific userID

Answered: PHP is not my primary language, but maybe you can try adding the userId as a parameter to the backend url. So"backend_events.php"); becomes:"backend_events.php?userid=...

How to clear events?

Answered: Found a workaround: {; });

Move/Drag multiple events

hi Dan, besides selecting multiple events, would be also cool if the user is able to move or drag n drop multiple events in scheduler e.g. by pressing ctrl key? And all of event or callback argument ...

event for multiple days not correct on scheduler

I am trying to get an event on scheduler to span multiple days. The start and end date are 3 days apart but scheduler only shows the event on the first day (my scheduler groups by day & hour) but wit...

Display Back to Back Events in Scheduler

Answered: 1. The combination of UseEventBoxes=Never and setting the end time to the start time of the next event should work. If you take Image 3 and set UseEventBoxes=Never, does it work as expected? 2. You s...

How to add additional data in day pilot event

Answered: Hi krishnan, The event source object (from DataSource) is available in BeforeEventRender event handler as e.DataItem (e.DataItem.Source). Example: protected void DayPilotCalendar1_BeforeEventRe...

How to show the different color for each type of Event (MVC doen't have e.DataItem)

Answered: It's now available in build 5528. See the sandbox:

Events' times not matching placement on dpc

Answered: This turned out to be a bug in StartDate property handling. Setting this property to a DateTime value that included time during a callback confused the calculations. It's now fixed in the code base (...
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