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rowHeaderColumnResizedHandling - What event is triggered?

Answered: It fires onRowHeaderColumnResized event:

Scheduler Event - Before the current date

Answered: Yes, you can mark the cells in the past as disabled:

unselect a selected event on event click

Answered: The default behavior corresponds to the typical file manager behavior - clicking an event selects it, clicking another event changes the selection to the new event, Ctrl+click is required to unselect...

position selected event on the center of view port when zoom in/out

Answered: You can scroll to a specified position using scrollTo() method: You can get the selected event using https://api.daypilot.o...

Bubble per event phase?

Bubble is a really nice upgraded tooltip since it allows custom html content. I have seen that bubble is tied to event and tooltip is tied to phases. My events have many phases and every phase has di...

Scheduler: How to disable event move on touch devices?

I'm using angular scheduler. Here is my config: $scope.schedulerConfig = { allowEventOverlap: false, eventResizeHandling: "Disabled", eventMoveHandling: "Disabled", visible: true, scale: "Minute", ce...

Event Width Representative of Start and End Time, Monthly Event Calendar

Is there a way to get an event width to be representative of its start and end time? As an example scenario, if I had an event that started at 12pm (12:00) and finished at 6pm (18:00), is it possible...

Event Drag And Drop Between 2 Scheduler

I have Scheduler, Scheduler1 & Scheduler2 both have "cellDuration" property set to 30 mins. but when i drag and drop an event from Scheduler1 to Scheduler2, in scheduler2 it will create an event with...

Disable eventoverlap on on client side in calendar?

Answered: Unfortunately it's not implemented in the Calendar at the moment. It will be added in one of the future releases.

Where is the new event details stored?

Answered: In the ASP.NET version the events are loaded from the DataSource property when you call DataBind(). If you set StoreEventsInViewState to true they will be stored temporarily in the ViewState but it i...

Update event details in database using Ajax

Answered: I assume you don't want to use any of the built-in mechanisms (PostBack, CallBack, Notify). You can make your own AJAX call (e.g. using jQuery) from EventResizeJavaScript handler. Note that the JS co...

Display Modal Box on Event Resize with Updated event details

Answered: If you want to open a modal dialog with event details after event resizing is complete, the best way is to open the modal dialog using AfterRenderJavaScript. This event is fired on the client side du...

Multiple lines/rows in

Answered: For overriding the event HTML, use the .html property. In order to add a line break, use "<br/>": = [ { start: "2015-12-01", end: "2015-12-05", text: "Event 1", ...

Open DayPilot for specific date + event and set focus - Example?

Answered: You can use .scrollTo(date, animation, target) method to scroll to a specific date: You can use .scrollToResource() method to scroll vertically to...

Selected event unselects when I call .update() on Calendar?

Answered: This is a bug which has been fixed in build 8.0.1746. You can test it and download the latest build in the sandbox:

How to process event double click without error in DayPilot Calendar?

Answered: Please see the documentation on how to use event double click event: In the latest realease (

Daypilot Event Calender HeightSpec property Issue

Answered: If the calendar is inside a hidden element during startup the scrollbar position can't be set (this is a browser limitation). There is a workaround solution implemented in the latest sandbox build (7...

iPad time range selection

Hello all, When im testing my Javascript calendar, I am unable to drag, for example across 2 days, and make an event for those 2 days. I am only able to select 1 single day by pressing that day. Is t...

Execute javascript function after clicking ok button on event creation DayPilot Month.

Hello! My name is Roby. I'm using DayPilot Month Lite in my project. I need to trigger a javascript function after I click the OK Button into the event creation alert. My big questions (after reading...

Highlight Resource on dragging an Event

Answered: Nobody can give a hint? :/ Daniel.

Event bg color does not change after being selected in scheduler

Answered: Nevermind I found my own answer on this board with a bit more searching. For those curious here is the post that helped me. Thanks.

How to show the different color for each type of Event (MVC doen't have e.DataItem)

Answered: It's now available in build 5528. See the sandbox:

AfterRender-Event MVC Calendar

Answered: Ok, I've found a solution. I overwrite the function in the document.ready. Example: $(document).ready(function () { dpCalendar.afterRender = function () { afterRenderCallback(); } });

Prevent event overlapping

Hello, I have seen two questions regarding this on the forum and the feature was supposed to be build in in 2011. Any news on that? How can I prevent my event from overlapping during TimeRangeSelecti...

Month / DataResourceField Property

Answered: You're right. This property is there because EventMoveEventArgs is shared by all controls. This is not the best design decision but the API change would break the existing implementations. The 7.0 re...

Change text content of an event client side?

Answered: There is a set of methods that allow you to set the client-side properties: e.client.innerHTML("New HTML"); e.client.cssClass("newClass"); e.client.toolTip("New ToolTip"); e.client.backColor("#d...

Scheduler - When does the day end?

Answered: It's now fixed in build 1.0.187. See also: Thanks for reporting the bug!
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