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Same event times (UDT) between calendar resource view and workweek view but they display at different local times.

Asked by Anonymous
7 years ago.

I have a list of events that I share between a Resource view and a WorkWeek view.

The daypilot dates of the events are UDT time as expected.
When those events are displayed in the Resource view, they are displayed at the correct local times.
However, when those same events are displayed on the WorkWeek view, they are displayed incorrectly at the UDT times.

Event1 has a dayPilot date start time of: "2015-08-07T16:00:00"
Event1 is displayed correctly in the Resource view at 12pm. (local time is EST. So UDT - 4 hours)
Event1 is displayed incorrectly in the WorkWeek view at 4pm. (It's off by the the time zone offset)

I'm not sure what I'm missing here.
I thought all the views required UDT.

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