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Changing cell width without changing the cell duration

Asked by Anonymous
12 days ago.

I have the following configuration:

scale: 'CellDuration',
cellDuration: 10,
cellWidth: 10,

How can I change the cell width (just visually) while keeping the same cell duration of 10 minutes (s. attached screen shot)

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
12 days ago.

You can do that by increasing the cellWidth value:

scale: 'CellDuration',
cellDuration: 10,
cellWidth: 20,

See also:

Comment posted by Anonymous
12 days ago.

OK. Thank you. I tried this of course, but it seemd not to work. After your answer I digged deeper in the code and foud out that another code, which wasn't written by me, changes the cell width afterwards.

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