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How validate if current cell has Events (Scheduler)?

Answered: In the JavaScript version, you can use the following methods: 1. To check a time range (for all resources), use the events.forRange() method:

Changing cell width without changing the cell duration

Answered: You can do that by increasing the cellWidth value: scale: 'CellDuration', cellDuration: 10, cellWidth: 20, See also:

Disabled Cells

Answered: What version of DayPilot Pro are you using? Disabled cells prevent all drag and drop operations, as you can see here:

Cells drawing problem

Answered: Strange issue. The Scheduler doesn't get rendered properly when it's in a hidden part of a page during initialization (such as an inactive tab). This happens because the browser doesn't calculate dim...

Adding resources breaks cellWidthSpec="Auto"

I have a DayPilot scheduler on my app. When I set up the component originally, it is set with cellWidthSpec="Auto" and everything is set fine. I later retrieve my resources via Ajax and set them into...

Scheduler - Highlight Resource Start/End Dates

Answered: Can you please try to update to the latest DayPilot Pro version? In 7.9 SP5 and prior releases there was a bug that ignored custom cell properties in all but the first row. See also here - see "[Sche...
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