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Scheduler - How to set row header columns to a very compact width

Answered: By default, the Scheduler only extends the width automatically (to fit the text). If you want to show narrower columns, you can either enable shrinking (rowHeaderWidthAutoFitShrink) or set a smaller ...

Changing cell width without changing the cell duration

Answered: You can do that by increasing the cellWidth value: scale: 'CellDuration', cellDuration: 10, cellWidth: 20, See also:

Adding resources breaks cellWidthSpec="Auto"

I have a DayPilot scheduler on my app. When I set up the component originally, it is set with cellWidthSpec="Auto" and everything is set fine. I later retrieve my resources via Ajax and set them into...

Calendar columns width

Hi, It's any way to determine the with of then calendar's columns in ressource view. WidthInPrct property of column object become obsolet. I would like to have 3 columns per day with 1 smaller (20%),...
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