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Possible to show events summary in cells with DayPilotMonth?

Asked by Andrew
15 years ago.

Hi I'm evaluating DayPilotMonth and DayPilotCalendar Pro at the moment. In my system, I will have to cater for up to 20/30 events per day.

I would like to use the DayPilotMonth control, however when you have this many events in a single day, there doesn't seem to be a way to not render the events in the day cell. Ideally I would like to render "23 events" in the cell for the specific day.

Is there any way I can achieve this?


Comment posted by Dan Letecky
15 years ago.

An easy way would be to create a single event stating the number.

Another possibilty is to render it in the cell header (it's accessible in BeforeCellRender event). If you need to render the text in the cell itself you would have to modify the rendering code in the source (a trivial change, I can help with that).

Comment posted by Andrew
15 years ago.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for getting back to me. I hadn't thought of that. I guess I could create a summary of results and then bind that to the month view (each day having one "event" as you suggest).


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