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Gantt View: scrollable context menu or a button to expand

Answered: At this moment, the vertical scrollbar is not implemented. Just adding the CSS isn't enough as the calculated height needs to be taken into account. I recommend splitting the long list into several g...

Hide ContextMenu item based on logged user

Answered: You can define the context menu items dynamically in code behind in ASP.NET - use the Items property of the DayPilotMenu object.

Right clicking context menu on mobile devices

Answered: Please take a look at this tutorial, it shows how to configure the touch behavior (you need to set it on the Calendar control, not the menu control):

Choosing which ContextMenu to use

Answered: Yes, this is the correct way. You should set a default menu using ContextMenu. In this case it's either "menu_priveledged_user" or "menu_disallow". Then you should override this default value using O...

Scheduler context menu not working

Answered: It's now fixed in build 6.5.2333. See also: Thanks for reporting the bug!
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