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How can I add textbox or search on Contextmenu?

Answered: Unfortunately, the context menu doesn't support a search box or custom elements. To select a user from a long list you can use a dialog created using DayPilot Moal which supports a searchable list: ...

Support for right click in the time header

Answered: The latest sandbox build (2019.4.4122) now supports onTimeHeaderRightClick and onTimeHeaderRightClicked events (there is no functional difference between them as there is no default action for the ri...

Scheduler ContextMenu Scrolling

Answered: Thank you for your answer. I've found a my solution putting the following code into css file: .menu_default_main {position: absolute; top: 0px; left: 450px; overflow: auto !important; z-index: 11; ma...

Context menu and icon

Answered: Yes, you can specify the icon using "Image" attribute of <MenuItem> tag: <daypilot:daypilotmenu id="DayPilotMenu1" runat="server" CssClassPrefix="menu_default" ShowMenuTitle="true"> <DayPilot:Me...

DPM ContextMenuClientName not working properly

Answered: It's now fixed in build 1.6.5405. Thanks Brandon!
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