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Blazor Version?

Answered: We're playing with the technology to see how it could be used to improve DayPilot. At this moment, I recommend using the JavaScript version for ASP.NET Core: There ar...

Error ao inicialzar

Answered: This is the URL of the backend controller (Calendar/backend) that handles the internal calls made by the client-side library. If you open it directly in the browser, you will receive an error because...

Allocating a color to each event

Answered: Please see the documentation:

OnBeforeCellRender optimization

Answered: This event is called once for every cell. Therefore the implementation should be as fast as possible. You should avoid making database calls from there. Instead, load the required data in advance and...

Demo failed in Visual Studio 2017

Hi The demo opened OK and built OK, however, when I ran it in Internet Explorer I got Server Error in '/' Application Exception Details: System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly '...

Updated sample for timesheet MVC 5 with pro

Hi can you share an updated sample on ASP timecard MVC 5, that also captures information like projects, bill rates etc

Monthly Event Calendar - Steps after AJAX Calendar Event Moving not clear

Answered: To get it working you need these elements: 1. A MVC view with the calendar (Views/Home/Index.cshtml) 2. A controller action for this view (Controllers/HomeController.cs: Index() method) 3. A controll...

Scheduler for MVC 5 demo

Answered: The download package includes binaries for MVC3, MVC4 and MVC5. The demo that is included is configured to run with MVC4. You can switch the demo to work with MVC5 (updating the references and

Any solution to this error?

Answered: You'll need to switch to the latest DayPilot Pro version - it doesn't use the AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers attribute anymore.

Most of the code in Controller shows error

Answered: The attached sample project includes a working application - you can check the source code of the controll in TutorialCS/App_Code/Controller/SchedulerController.cs. It's now also added to the tutoria...

Start displaying Monthly calendar by the date of the current day

Answered: nevermind, Looks like it's a pro feature...

attributes like name and project codes

Hello, is there a mechanism to capture other attritbutes from user, Errors in does not work with the version on your site in VS 2015 .NET 4.6 thanks


Answered: You can use Webmatrix but its editing and project management capabilities are limited. I would recommend trying Visual Studio Express for Web instead:

Choosing which ContextMenu to use

Answered: Yes, this is the correct way. You should set a default menu using ContextMenu. In this case it's either "menu_priveledged_user" or "menu_disallow". Then you should override this default value using O...
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