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DayPilot Gantt - Export Client-Side

Answered: Hi Andrea, Gantt client-side export is in the works - it will be available in the near future.

Export to PNG

I am implementing the print functionality in a page that inherits master page in wen I clock on print the PNG generated has all the tabs n stuff which are in master page...How can I get on...

need a sample program

Can u give me a sample asp program to display the date,time,and calendar of that month when it is runned or compilled

Calender controls

how to show the monthcalendar of the text given in a textbox in the format of dd/mm/yyyy

Events background color in exported PNG image

Answered: This was a bug which is now fixed (since build 2100): Let me know if the issue persists.

MemoryStream error when exporting to PNG several items

Answered: It looks like it is not the number of resources or the timeline length that is causing the problem. It is the absolute image size. I did a few tests. I've added the image export button to the followi...

Export functionality PDF/PNG format

Hi, I am currently evaluating your product DayPilot-Pro for using it in our online application. But one of the most important requirement is to be able to export the calendar in PDF/PNG (for printing...
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