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Non-reproducible problems with converting some "YYYY-MM-DD" date strings to DayPilot.Date

Answered: The following object: { "Global": {...}, "isKhtml": true, "isIE": false, "isIEQuirks": false, "browser": {...}, "libs": {...}, "touch": {...}, "Stats": {...}, "Util": {...}, "Areas": {......

problem on Event click

// i clicked on a event , the modal is showing , when i change in the first event all is fine but when i clicked another time on another event the have two values , the first event id and...

Scheduler for MVC 5 demo

Answered: The download package includes binaries for MVC3, MVC4 and MVC5. The demo that is included is configured to run with MVC4. You can switch the demo to work with MVC5 (updating the references and

RecurrenceExpander.Expand method .. Is the table an absolute requirement?

Answered: Dave, for the full functionality the DataTable is required: it reads the recurrence fields automatically it parses the master events and exceptions it copies all the fields from the master to the occ...

Scheduler Gantt View Multiple Dates per Row

Answered: What you describe is basically the default "Resources" mode: You need separate database tables for "Tasks" and "Actions". Task = has a name, displayed in ...
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