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angular timetable for school and class weekly timetable

is there any option to schedule a week for school / class timetable with custom timings and custom blocks?


Answered: The SQL Server database schema looks like this: CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Assignment] ( [AssignmentId] BIGINT IDENTITY (1, 1) NOT NULL, [AssignmentNote] VARCHAR (2000) NULL, [A...

Timetable Tutorial (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET)

sir i have request to show how we will add in event to show time and in new event as it is note we are giving in the event

How to change the code to display varchar and date type data instead of two datetime type for the daypilot calendar?

Answered: If you want to customize the text that is displayed in the event box you should use the BeforeEventRender event. protected void DayPilotCalendar1_BeforeEventRender(object sender, BeforeEventRenderE...
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