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Rowspan undefined with collapsed resources and multiple columns

Answered: This should be already fixed in the latest version (which is now 2022.3.5384). Please let me know if the problem persists.

Move Row Header Column to Right

Answered: Unfortunately, there is no elegant way to display the row headers on the right side at the moment. There is a tutorial that shows how to implement your option 2, but it's just a workaround: https://c...

Multicolumn in week Calendar

Answered: When you switch the calendar viewType to "Resources", you can define custom columns. Take a look at the following documentation page: Exampl...

How can I add more columns on each row in headers?

Answered: If you display multiple rows in the column header you can specify the child column content using "children" property - the columns are organized in a hierarchy (see also

Add Columnb/Attributes

Answered: In BeforeEventRender event handler, you can reach the original data item using e.DataItem property: e.DataItem["field1"] // field1 e.DataItem.Source // the original object e.DataItem is access...

Calendar columns width

Hi, It's any way to determine the with of then calendar's columns in ressource view. WidthInPrct property of column object become obsolet. I would like to have 3 columns per day with 1 smaller (20%),...
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