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How to prevent even dragging and resize on selected events

Answered: Drag and drop In the Lite (open-source) version, you can only enable/disable drag and drop for all calendar events using eventMoveHandling and eventResizeHandling. In the Pro version, you can disable...

newResourceId is undefined on event resize

Answered: There is no args.newResource available in onEventResize as the resource doesn’t change during resizing. You can access the event resource ID using args.e.resource().

Backend events are not loaded in the resource calender

Answered: Thanks for the update! The problem is the type of events.resource_id database field. It is incorrectly set to varchar instead of integer. Older versions of PHP/PDO converted integer values to string ...

Impossible to show events from my database (resource calendar)

Answered: When displaying a resource calendar (viewType: "Resources"), it is necessary to specify the resource id for events using the resource property. This value needs to match the column id exactly (includ...
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