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Javascript Date To Daypilot Date Conversion

Answered: The constructor has a second parameter which lets you specify whether to use the GMT base or local representation of Date object. This call will use the local representation: var local = new DayPil...

Scheduler - Highlight Resource Start/End Dates

Answered: Can you please try to update to the latest DayPilot Pro version? In 7.9 SP5 and prior releases there was a bug that ignored custom cell properties in all but the first row. See also here - see "[Sche...

Having issue for daypilot calendar to display database values based on the date and time from database

Answered: The START_DATE and END_DATE fields are correct but why do you store time separately in START_TIME and END_TIME? The type of START_DATE is "datetime" and it will allow you to store both date and time ...
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