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typescript can't find Property 'makeDraggable'

Answered: DayPilot.Scheduler.makeDraggable() is now included in the TypeScript definitions (since

Mouse Cursor Alignment Problem When Dragging An Event From One Scheduler To Another

I have 2 DayPilot scheduler in my page and i want to drag and drop an event from scheduler1 at top to the scheduler2 at bottom. Currently I'm able to do the drag and drop but when I'm dragging the ev...

External Drag and Drop in Monthly Calendar

Answered: Yes, but there is no set target date at the moment.

External Drag for scheduler with calendar

I want to perform an external drag from a gridview to a Scheduler with a linked navigator to select date. If we select different date from the calendar, e.StartDate and e.EndDate will still be Today ...
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