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How to show week number in Monthly calendar View?

Answered: You can show the week numbers in the first cell using onBeforeCellRender. Example for ISO week number (week starting on Monday): dp.onBeforeCellRender = function(args) { if (args.cell.start.getD...

Event Width Representative of Start and End Time, Monthly Event Calendar

Is there a way to get an event width to be representative of its start and end time? As an example scenario, if I had an event that started at 12pm (12:00) and finished at 6pm (18:00), is it possible...

External Drag and Drop in Monthly Calendar

Answered: Yes, but there is no set target date at the moment.

Getting tag URL Parameter from JSON Request

Answered: There are two options: 1. You can send the url from the server: class Event {} class Tags {} $events = array(); foreach($result as $row) { $e = new Event(); $e->id = $row['plan_id']; ...

Delete icon in Monthly Calendar

Answered: I can see the delete icon on this demo page (IE, FF, Chrome, Edge): Do see the problem in the demo as well? A few things to check: 1. The ...
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