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Event drag not working in corner cases in JavaScript Lite version

Answered: There was a bug in the calculation of the grid boundaries. It’s fixed now in the latest sanbox build (2024.2.525): Test:

Dragging events out of loaded date range leads to errors or losing duration

Hi everyone, I have trouble with my Scheduler when dragging events out of the loaded time range using infinite scrolling. So I'm starting with a range of multiple months around "today" loaded and dra...

Resize and drag not working if ShowNonBusiness is set to False

Answered: I was using the latest version. I now found the issue on a js conflict. I'm using prototype.js that has an "any" function that was throwing an error when moving or resizing event on the scheduler. Th...

Is it possible to dragdrop an external element ON TO a target existing event and then do post processing?

Answered: You can use standard HTML5 drag and drop API to implement this functionality. Please see the following example:

Change order of Resources (like drag and drop)

Answered: Yes, it is available. Please take a look at the following demo:

Prevent drag event

Answered: > Is there a javascript function (or postback event) that I can use for this feature? EventMoving event ( is a good way to implement it....

External Drag for scheduler with calendar

I want to perform an external drag from a gridview to a Scheduler with a linked navigator to select date. If we select different date from the calendar, e.StartDate and e.EndDate will still be Today ...

iPad time range selection

Hello all, When im testing my Javascript calendar, I am unable to drag, for example across 2 days, and make an event for those 2 days. I am only able to select 1 single day by pressing that day. Is t...

Highlight Resource on dragging an Event

Answered: Nobody can give a hint? :/ Daniel.

cancel an onEventMoved or onEventResized

Answered: Found the answer: hope this helps other people save some time //This gets called when the user drops the event dp.onEventMove = function (args) { //args.e is the event object that is being moved //ar...

How to move/scroll (horizontally) using drag in scheduler

Answered: This behavior is only supported on touch devices. Dragging in the grid will scroll the area. In order to start selecting a time range you need to hold the finger for a while.

Click and drag whole event?

Answered: This is controlled by the EventMoveMargin property. You can increase the value as needed. The default value is 5 (pixels).
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