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Angular Gantt Chart Cannot filter

Hi, The scheduler have rows.filter this function. However on gantt didnt have rows filter function How to do fil...

DayPilot HTML5 Scheduler - Show Only Empty rooms

Answered: Hi Sharon, This is a bit more complex scenario that can't be implemented using a simple snippet. Please take a look at the following tutorial:

DayPilot HTML5 Scheduler - Filter Row (dp.onRowFilter) Conflict

Answered: In that case you need to extend the filter object to include both parameters. Let's have this filter form (HTML): <div class="space"> Filter: <input id="filter" /> <a href="#" id="clear">Clear...

How can I make a filter per user?

Answered: You can add a custom constructor that will accept additional parameters: Action: public ActionResult Backend() { var userId = .... return new Dpc(userId).CallBack(this); } Dpc class: pu...
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