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Scheduler date problem

Answered: Try removing the following section from Page_Load: DayPilotScheduler1.Scale = TimeScale.Manual; DateTime start = new DateTime(DateTime.Today.Year, 1, 1, 12, 0, 0); DateTime end = start.AddYears(1...

start date and end date

Answered: You can use "startDate" to change the visible date range: The end date is calculated automatically, depending on the viewType value (https://d...

Changing the Daypilot instance

Answered: I found the solution myself, would be of help to others if ever come across this question. I simply used the dispose() method of the DayPilot, so when the event is triggered, I first got rid of the e...

How can i translate days into another language

Answered: Please take a look at the Localization topic in the documentation: You can use one of the predefined locales or you can define your own. In addition to sw...


how to assign the Date on Start Date in Daypilot Scheduler webforms


Answered: You can see a live demo of the Scheduler here:


Answered: This tutorial required DayPilot Pro (the commercial version). It looks like you are using DayPilot Lite (the open-source version) which doesn't support all the features (e.g. SetScrollX() method).

delete and/or view

hi, how do i delete/cancel the event on your program? also, how or where can i access or view it's database? 'coz i can't see it in my localhost. i'm using uwamp server. it would be great if you help...

Change Date Format

Answered: DayPilotScheduler1.VisibleStart is a DateTime object so you can get a custom formatted string from it using ToString(): DayPilotScheduler1.VisibleStart.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd"); See also here: http...

Update event details in database using Ajax

Answered: I assume you don't want to use any of the built-in mechanisms (PostBack, CallBack, Notify). You can make your own AJAX call (e.g. using jQuery) from EventResizeJavaScript handler. Note that the JS co...

How to undo the action DayPilot.Scheduler on event moved on the last event i saved without reloading the page?

Answered: try this code.. i hope i will helps you.. i did not use args.preventDefault(); but i use the code calling on events.php to load the updated data dp.message("MoveCancelled"); DayPilot.request("backend...

Serialisation not working properly on update

In my project I don't have direct access to an SQL database, so I can't fill the events List as described in the tutorials. So I have created a dummy DataTable like this: DataTable table = new DataTa...

How to update Scheduler data using ajax/javascript?

Answered: You can use the client-side API to modify the .resources array: Then call .update() to refresh the scheduler:
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