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HTML in resource text

Answered: I've found a solution: dpCalendar_BeforeResHeaderRender In vb code I change the property e.html in e.html = "<b> & e.html & "</b>" if some my contitions are true. Bye Davide

Obtain args.div in Scheduler's onEventDoubleClicked() event handler

(v.8.2 SP10) I am currently calling the Bubble's showHtml() method upon event double-click in the Scheduler. Is there a way to obtain the args.div like it is in onEventClicked()? It doesn't appear to...

Selected event unselects when I call .update() on Calendar?

Answered: This is a bug which has been fixed in build 8.0.1746. You can test it and download the latest build in the sandbox:

How to add row with custom-width columns to DayPilot calendar?

Hi, I currently have a calendar resembling the first attachment. What I've been trying to achieve is something similar to the second attachment (an extra row with its own name and a custom amount of ...
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