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Show event bubble in Queue?

Answered: Event bubbles are now supported in the Queue component in the latest sandbox build (2022.4.5467): You can use the standard API:

How can i use angular 6 day-pilot in mobile?

Answered: The components will work on mobile devices as well. 1. You may want to make some dimension adjustments (like the row header width in the Scheduler) depending on the device width. 2. You'll also need ...

HTML in resource text

Answered: I've found a solution: dpCalendar_BeforeResHeaderRender In vb code I change the property e.html in e.html = "<b> & e.html & "</b>" if some my contitions are true. Bye Davide

Obtain args.div in Scheduler's onEventDoubleClicked() event handler

(v.8.2 SP10) I am currently calling the Bubble's showHtml() method upon event double-click in the Scheduler. Is there a way to obtain the args.div like it is in onEventClicked()? It doesn't appear to...

Selected event unselects when I call .update() on Calendar?

Answered: This is a bug which has been fixed in build 8.0.1746. You can test it and download the latest build in the sandbox:

How to add row with custom-width columns to DayPilot calendar?

Hi, I currently have a calendar resembling the first attachment. What I've been trying to achieve is something similar to the second attachment (an extra row with its own name and a custom amount of ...
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