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searching and displaying specific data in DayPilot Scheduler

I get my scheduler on my JSP page without any problem. Now i'm trying to search and display only ONE specific resource, or Project. i enter something in my jsp text input, i get a JSONException when ...

How to put my Ressource from my Database to the scheduler ressource ?

Answered: In Java, you can load the resources on the server side using getResources() method. Just fill the collection as needed. An example from public class D...

Intellij and Daypilot library

Answered: Ok solved just the Daypilot Javascript and Jar where corrupted


Answered: With Angular CLI (which uses Webpack) the Angular 2 project needs to be run using "ng serve" (available as "npm run start"/"npm start") during development. That's why the tutorial uses two independen...

angular2-scheduler-spring-frontend npm start

Answered: Unfortunately I can't see the attachment. However, you may need to install Angular CLI globally first: npm install -g angular-cli The tutorial is built using Angular CLI version 1.0.0-beta.19-3. ...

Search for value

Answered: There is an API to find events using the event id: var id = "123"; var e =; Then you will be able to focus it using scrolling methods: dp.scrollTo(e.start()); dp.scrollToRe...

show days/month on top when scrolling down

Answered: Yes, this is possible - see the HeightSpec options (especially HeightSpec = "Fixed", "Parent100Pct" and "Max" values):

Hide TimeHeaders with Java-API

Answered: It looks like a bug. Normally, you should be able to hide the time header using getTimeHeaders().clear(). Please let me check the problem. You can also try to set the header height to 0 as a workarou...

Change "gannt_default" design to my own design

I created a new Gantt design using the Theme Designer, put it into the same location as the other themes, created a <link> next to the other themes in my code and finally I tried to call it with "gan...

Context menu issues for JavaScript scheduler control in AngularJs app

Answered: There was a problem with using DayPilot.Menu with AngularJS. It's be fixed in the latest DayPilot Pro for JavaScript release: Let m...

How to customize color code for events in Scheduler

Hi Team, Currently we are evaluating DayPilot Scheduler for one of our projects. We have a requirement where color code of events in scheduler needs to be customized based on certain conditions. Is t...

How to disabled all actions in date range

Answered: You can disable the parent rows using .preventParentUsage property:

post value send

Answered: You can pass a custom object as the third parameter but it will be sent in the body serialized to a JSON string: DayPilot.request(url, successCallback, postObject); If you need to send custom pos...

Get a JSON exception when trying to instantiate org.daypilot.ui.DayPilotScheduler

Answered: I know see the problem. I was calling my servlet directly when I should be calling it from the javascript on the page. It works now

offset end date

Answered: The dates are interpreted as exact time points, i.e. when the start date is set to 01.01.2014 it means 2014-01-01T00:00:00, the end date 03.01.2014 means 2014-01-03T00:00:00. The difference between t...

When event click i am getting error.

Answered: DayPilot uses event.returnValue to prevent the default action conditionaly - only if event.preventDefault() method is not available. Most likely, this warning is not generated by DayPilot. Either way...

AJAX Event Calendar for Java and jQuery Spring

Hi, Do you have any spring application like this AJAX Event Calendar for Java and jQuery (Open-Source). I try to run AJAX Event Calendar for Java and jQuery (Open-Source) i can able to create event b...

Initialize daypilot in a separate window (window popup,

Maybe there are more than one problem but i'm stuck at pretty much the first row. I am trying to allow my users to make the scheduler/calendar "fullscreen" by snapping it out of the main window into ...

How do I change "resource-hover-color" ?

Answered: You can use crosshairColor and crosshairOpacity properties. The defaults: .crosshairColor = 'Gray'; .crosshairOpacity = 20;

Scheduler getRow renamed to $68

Answered: This method was internal and is now hidden. You can use the following method to get information about a cell under certain position: var cell = dps.cells.findByPixels(120, 1)[0]; var start = cell....

Where did .scheduler_<theme>_matrix_vertical_break go ?

Answered: This bug should be fixed now in build 7.5.8329. See the sandbox:

Sub tasks for Gantt

Answered: The Gantt API will be extended in the near future. At this moment you need to use viewType="Resources" and fill the Resources collection as necessary.

Bubble for scheduler only works when hovering edges of event

Can also be seen here: Only pops up when cursor turns into a resize-cursor.

Real background color length

Answered: If you want to display background objects that do not match the cell dimension it might be better to use a special kind of events for that. You can apply custom CSS in BeforeEventRender to make them ...

Scheduler onload only renders half the area

Answered: This bug should be fixed now in build 7.5.8329. See the sandbox:

Row Header Auto Width

Answered: There is a bug indeed. It works like this: 1. rowHeaderHeight sets the minimal width to be used. 2. rowHeaderWidthAutoFit checks the content and if it doesn't fit there the width is increased. It sho...

Dynamic cellduration/cellwidth/time header

Answered: This is not yet possible. It sounds good, let me do a few tests.

Right click event

Answered: Sorry about this one. Accidentally had eventRightClickHandling = "ContextMenu" below everything

Custom hover event

Answered: It's not implemented at the moment. It might appear in the 7.4 release but I can't promise it.

Limit displayed weeks in Month calendar...

Answered: This is possible if you set viewType to "Weeks" and weeks to 3: dpm.viewType = "Weeks"; dpm.weeks = 3;
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