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Is it possible to dragdrop an external element ON TO a target existing event and then do post processing?

Hi, I am wanting to drag a child event onto a parent event and do some on event processing after capturing the parent event that was dragged on to. Is something like this possible? Thanks

How to collapse all groups by default ?

Hello, Is it somehow possible to have all groups collapsed by default ? I'm aware that I can use: DayPilot.Row.groups.collapseAll(); after gantt is loaded, but I want them to be collapsed as default....

Angular 7 - change detection triggered way too much

Answered: There are two factors to take into account: 1. Frequency of change detection cycle calls Angular fires the change detection cycle for pretty much any action, including callback functions that are cal...

How to call custom function in onTimeRangeSelected

Answered: When you use the JavaScript declaration style you won't be able to access the component object as "this": onTimeRangeSelected: function(args) { // ... this.myFunction(); // won't work } I...

DayPilot.Scheduler.onEventResizing missing alt/ctrl modifiers

Hello, While OnEventMoving has those modifiers in args object, onEventResizing does not. Is it possible to add them as they are fairly similar actions? Thank you in advance!

Get calendar for full year

Hi, I would like to ask how can we get full year calendar? I want to add 12 pages in pdf for 12 months of the selected year. Is It possible with this?

Screen Resolutions and exportAs()

Answered: The Calendar and Month components now support options.width parameter that will let you override the dynamic width calculated from the current view. It's available since build 2019.1.3595 (see the sa...

Render Angular component into DayPilotMonth event

Answered: The onDomAddEvent and onDomRemoveEvent event handlers are not yet supported in all components. In the DayPilotMonth component it's now available since 2019.1.3594 (use the latest sandbox version - ht...

Not being able to click on the scheduler grid for the modal to pop up

in the default.aspx file i can see the the EventClickjavascript calls a javascript method in the event_handling.js file which should work , i wonder if the grid click has been disabled but i cant see...

Split event into multiple event-parts because of business hours

Answered: Hi Wolfwgang, Sorry for the delay. This scenario is not supported at the moment. However, you can do it the other way around - instead of hiding parts of the event you can hide the non-business parts...

appointment booking table

what is the name of database in db.php

Scheduler: rowheader_scroll not scrolling on touch

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (since 2019.1.3569):

Month Control: print() for exportAs

Answered: The print() method prints the exported image using the browser print() function. There is no way to control how the printed page will look like using the browser API. It can only be set by the user i...

Error parsing date

Answered: Thanks for your reply Dan. I updated the .js files to the latest version and now the issue seems to be resolved. Marco

Can you view more than one month/week with DaypilotLite?

Answered: Unfortunately it's not supported in the Lite version.

Completely disable right click event capturing

Answered: You can use allowDefaultContextMenu property to enabled the default context menu:

How do I make my DayPilot Month Calendar to be Read Only in Asp.Net MVC?

Answered: You can make it read-only by disabling the drag and drop actions one by one: @Html.DayPilotMonth("dpm", new DayPilotMonthConfig { BackendUrl = Url.Content("~/Home/Backend"), EventMoveHandlin...

Row header click isn't working

Answered: The problem was because of "e" parameter, it shouldn't be there

Missing something...

Answered: It looks like you might have overwritten the index.html file with one generated using the UI Builder (the generated index.html uses resources array with Resource 1 and Resource 2 defined). If you dow...

How to enable expand / collapse option inside the event row in Scheduler control? Please suggest.

Answered: Unfortunately, this is not supported in the ASP.NET version. You can find a JavaScript version example here:

Create event from UTC

I'm trying to add a new calendar event from a UTC string coming from my server. How do I create an event from my UTC string? After I add the event it shows the event for 9:00pm when it should show 1:...

cellDuration value is not honoring in OpenSource code

Answered: The cell duration adjustment is not supported in the open-source version at this moment:

MVC with Foreign Key

I'm using daypilot on a ASP.NET Core but my model has a foreign key and I can't add a date for that reason, what can I do? or why I can't add a date, this is my code public class Reservacion { public...

Need DayPilot Javscript non-minified source code

Answered: Please see the licensing options here:

Event link arrow missing css class

Answered: The arrow element is marked with one of the following classes: .scheduler_default_link_arrow_left .scheduler_default_link_arrow_right .scheduler_default_link_arrow_down .scheduler_default_link_arrow_...

How to export excel from Scheduler

Answered: Unfortunately, export to Excel is not supported at the moment.

How to show week number in Weekly view calendar?

Answered: You'll need to switch to the Resources view and generate the column hierarchy manually. Please see more here:

How to show Event name as tooltip in navigator?

Answered: Unfortunately, the navigator doesn't support showing event details. It can only show free/busy status for the visible days.

How to change the position of next and prev buttons in Day pilot navigator or manually invoke the methods associated with these two buttons?

Answered: The position of the next/previous buttons can't be changed. However, you can hide it using CSS and switch the dates manually using the select() method:

How to show week number in Monthly calendar View?

Answered: You can show the week numbers in the first cell using onBeforeCellRender. Example for ISO week number (week starting on Monday): dp.onBeforeCellRender = function(args) { if (args.cell.start.getD...
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