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Day-pilot Calendar - Event Link Feature

Hello Team, Right now we can show link one event and other , by using Day-pilot scheduler component , Do we have same feature available in Day-pilot Calendar .

Move per 15 minutes

Answered: Yes, it is possible. Please take a look at the following tutorial: Just remember that the smallest possible step is one pi...

How to add search on child row?

Answered: The args.row property holds a DayPilot.Row object and you can access the original resource data object (from resources[] array) using "data" property:

Resize shadow doesn't match event time

Answered: You'd need to turn off the "snap to grid" feature ( to prevent this behavior: dp.snapToGrid = false;

Move events on drag with blocks of 12 hours

Answered: Yes, please take a look at the following tutorial: Another option would be to change the cell duration to 12 hours using t...

How can I add more columns on each row in headers?

Answered: If you display multiple rows in the column header you can specify the child column content using "children" property - the columns are organized in a hierarchy (see also

ResizeStart / ResizeEnd not working on touch devices

Answered: This is a regression bug which should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2021.4.3805): Thanks for reporting the issue!

Custom rendering requirements during PNG export

Answered: There are two options: 1. You can switch the built-in bar (displayed at the top of the event) to "progress" mode: 2. You can build the progress ba...

Add multiple events on same date and time

Answered: The best way would be to increase the margin width using columnMarginRight property:

Erro no carregamento Atividade filho

Answered: A imagem está correta, a atividade que está no Píer 1 lado Mar está com início no dia 03/08/2021 as 00:00 hora, isso só está acontecendo quando ela vai para o evento filho, se essa mesma atividade fo...

Displaying several properties of an event in different active areas, during PNG export

Answered: The active areas will be included in the exported image. The area dimensions must be fully specified (it doesn't work if you only specify "left" but not "width" or "right"). If you only want to inclu...

Scalability of export PNG

Answered: The export is performed on the client side using a canvas element and browsers limit the maximum size of the canvas area. If the exported area exceeds the maximum size the browser won't be able to ex...

Popover using onEventRightClick

Answered: I've solved with the following code: Added a unique class on event inside onBeforeEventRender: =; Later, inside onEventRightClick I just look for that class and I acti...

Duration bar for some events only

Answered: You can use barHidden property of the event to hide the duration bar. You can add it to the source data object or you can add it using onBeforeEventRender: dp.onBeforeEventRender = args => { arg...

Using CSS3 zoom breaks Scheduler crosshair

Answered: Unfortunately, the CSS-level zoom is not supported at the moment. However, you should be able to achieve a similar effect by adjusting the dimensions properties (eventHeight, headerHeight, etc.) and ...

How switch between line = 0 and line = 'dedicated' in a Event?

Answered: The "line" property can't be changed in onBeforeEventRender (that's too late). You need to set it in the data source before the Scheduler loads it. You can preprocess the data like this: const even...

Width calculation in custom HTML, for trimmed events

Answered: You can turn off the "floating events" feature using floatingEvents property: When floating events are disabled, only the div #1 will be displayed.

Adding a Color Bar using Active Areas doesn't work

Answered: If you enable columns ( you need to specify the areas for the respective args.row.columns[] item instead: onBeforeRowHeaderRender: function (a...

How validate if current cell has Events (Scheduler)?

Answered: In the JavaScript version, you can use the following methods: 1. To check a time range (for all resources), use the events.forRange() method:

How can I install .tar.gz

Answered: We provide the Vue package at The Vue package is ready to use and you can install it by following the instructions. With reference to a related question (https://forums.dayp...

vue npm error!

Answered: You are trying to install the Angular package ("daypilot-pro-angular") instead of the Vue package.

Clean solution to import custom scheduler theme with prefix CSS in Angular project

Answered: Two steps are required: 1. Include the theme in the global CSS (styles.css): @import url('themes/your_theme.css'); 2. Activate it using the "theme" config property: config: DayPilot.SchedulerCo...

this in undefined in the addEvent example

Answered: This hint is correct, you can't use "this" in a functional React component. You'll need to create a variable instead: const Scheduler = () => { let scheduler: DayPilot.Scheduler; return...

Month Event Prerender not working

Answered: You'll need to change the attribute to: OnBeforeEventRender="DayPilotMonth1_BeforeEventRender" or add "Handles" to the the method signature: Protected Sub DayPilotMonth1_BeforeEventRender(ByVal...

Using DayPilot.Calendar.makeDraggable and native drag/drop on the same html element

Answered: Unfortunately, the makeDraggable() method can't be combined with the native HTML5 drag and drop API. However, there is now a new registerDropTarget() method available in the latest sandbox build (202...

DayPilot for angular mobile touch device.

Answered: Please see the following tutorial:

I'm facing issue while updating my daypilot version 2018 to 2021.

Answered: You can remove both properties. The "cssOnly" property is no longer used (the css-only mode is always active). The "cssClassPrefix" property has been replaced with "theme" - and "bubble_default" is t...

Gannt View Sticky date header.

Answered: Please see my comments here:

How can I make sticky date header of Angular Gantt view?

Answered: The horizontal (date/time) header is sticky by default. You just need to set the height properly. For all options, please see the Scheduler height topic in the documentation (the Gantt chart uses the...

Delete on mobile

Answered: You can use an active area with the following properties. This will ensure that the active area will be always visible: visibility: "Visible" Or you can make it permanently visible on touch devic...
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