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Daypilot - change start day of the week

Answered: The first day of week is determined by the Calendar locale. The default locale is "en-us" which uses Sunday as the first day of week. You can switch to one of the predefined locales (https://api.dayp...

Is it possible to select multiple cells on DayPilotCalender

I was just wondering if it was possible that when you was on the Day Pilot Month pro for a user to select multiple days on the month view and then to right click on the selected days and click 'Book ...

Remove/transparent event border

Answered: You should be able to use a custom CSS class for this special event (set e.CssClass in BeforeEventRender event handler). Since build 7.4.2948 you can use CellMarginBottom property to specify minimal ...

DayPilot Bubble Feature

Answered: You need to follow these steps: 1. Create the bubble: <DayPilot:DayPilotBubble ID="DayPilotBubble1" runat="server" CssOnly="true" CssClassPrefix="bubble_default" /> 2. Assign it to the mo...

DayPilotMonth Calendar

Answered: DayPilotMonth inherits from System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataBoundControl which handles the DataSource processing. DayPilotMonth just reads the supplied items. It doesn't detect the actual DataSource ob...

side-by-side events

I am using daypilot month in order to set events. On a daily basis we have two events that need to be side by side (i.e. two events which are half as long as normal events side-by-side as opposed to ...

Add title header to Month

Answered: There is no built-in header but you can add your own:

DPM ContextMenuClientName not working properly

Answered: It's now fixed in build 1.6.5405. Thanks Brandon!
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