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Daypilot Scheduler in ipad (Safari browser)

I'm accessing the web on iPad with a safari browser. Day-Pilot scheduler horizontal scroll works fine on the web(chrome) as using mouse scroll, But on iPad(Safari), I'm unable to scroll with a touch ...

Scroll not working in ionic v1

Answered: We don't officially support Ionic. It may or may not work. Ionic is quietly intercepting events and doing some weird things, especially in the early versions. I recommend trying it with the latest Io...

iPad time range selection

Hello all, When im testing my Javascript calendar, I am unable to drag, for example across 2 days, and make an event for those 2 days. I am only able to select 1 single day by pressing that day. Is t...

Crosshairs prevent EventSelectJavaScript and TimeRangeSelectedJavaScript from firing in IOS6

Answered: Since 7.3 release DayPilot should be compatible with iOS 6. See also the release notes for supported actions (EventClick is supported):

iPad Drag Support

Answered: No workaround at this moment but it's in the queue.
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