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Enhanced keyboard navigation for automatic timerange selection

Answered: > Why don’t select a cell or event when moving the cursor? In Excel when I move my cursor to the next cell, it selected the cell direct and I can edit or add something. OK, let’s see if I understand ...

Limit time range selecting to one day

Answered: It's OK, I found the solution myself using onTimeRangeSelecting

How to clear time range selection in OnTimeRangeSelected with TimeRangeSelectedHandlingType.Callback

Answered: Normally the time range selection gets cleared if you call Update() on the server side. If you don't do that for some reason you need to switch to JavaScript event handling and clear it manually: ...

timerangeselected does not fire when click on one cell

On my paid version of DayPilot, Timerangeselected fires when I drag my mouse over an empty time slot, but it does not fire when I click an empty time slot. I would like it to fire, or is there anothe...

iPad time range selection

Hello all, When im testing my Javascript calendar, I am unable to drag, for example across 2 days, and make an event for those 2 days. I am only able to select 1 single day by pressing that day. Is t...

TimeRange Selecting adds one hour

Answered: How do you read the e.start value? On the client side, e.start() returns a DayPilot.Date object. It holds the date in the internal .d property which shouldn't be read directly (it's stored as a GMT d...

Is it possible to get information of selected timerange while selecting?

Answered: This feature is in the works. I will be available in 1-2 weeks.
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