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Hourly range covering two consecutive days

Answered: OK, thanks for the update. In the Scheduler, there are two ways to achieve that: 1. You can define the timeline manually by adding individual cells: 2. Yo...

iPad time range selection

Hello all, When im testing my Javascript calendar, I am unable to drag, for example across 2 days, and make an event for those 2 days. I am only able to select 1 single day by pressing that day. Is t...

Get visible time range (scheduler)

Answered: Sorry, didn't see this: dps.getViewPort().start and dps.getViewPort().end is what I was looking for.

Scheduler - select TimeRange with strg or shift key

Hello, I want to select a TimeRange with the strg oder shift key. I don't use the solution with the popup to enter a start and end date. I want that the user select the range with the strg oder shift...
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