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Keep menu item open on click when it has child items

Answered: The behavior is now updated in the latest sandbox build (2019.3.4049) - clicking an item with children will not close the context menu anymore.

Menu Child Menu Stuck Open

So, I have a child context menu. If I click on the parent menu item before the child is rendered, the parent menu goes away and the child menu is shown. I have no way to make the child menu go away w...

Disable menu item for some events

Hi , Any way to disable (or make invisible) a certain menu item (not the whole menu) for some events ?

Sub menu is floating

The main menu is absolute (when you right click the schedule), and the sub menu is appearing where ever the cursor is making it very difficult to use. Could this be fixed ASAP please by putting it in...

ContextMenu - confirmdelete

Answered: It should look like this: dps.contextMenu = new DayPilot.Menu([ { text:"Delete", onclick: function() { if(confirm('Are you sure?')){ dps.eventMenu...

Menu - Javascript commandCallBack is executed after page.loadcomplete and causes page to stop rendering

Answered: Ah I've solved it - sorry, my mistake. I wasn't thinking about the difference between callback and postback - replacing eventMenuClickCallBack with eventMenuClickPostBack makes it work.

ContextMenu CSS Support

Answered: CSS styling of the menu is now fully supported since 6.1 release: See also:

Context menu Javascript action

Answered: Since you are using a CallBack, you need to call DayPilotCalendar1.Update() after changing your data source (this is not necessary when using PostBack). By calling DayPilotCalendar1.Update() you tell...

Context menu postback

Answered: CallBack and PostBack action types are not supported for time range selection context menu in 4.0 SP4 and previous versions. I've just implemented it (it will be included in 4.1).
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