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Applying CSS styles to dynamic "bubble" popovers

Answered: The "month_default_event_hover" class specifies appearance of calendar events when you move a mouse over it. To control the callout width, you can use "bubble_default_main" class (for the default the...

DayPilot default css styles

Answered: You can generate a custom theme using the Theme Designer: The default settings will generate a theme that corresponds to the built-in theme. You can include the generated...

Custom CSS class for a resource

Answered: You can use onBeforeRowHeaderRender event handler to add a custom CSS class: Example: JavaScript dp.onBeforeRowHeaderRender = function(a...

daypilot-pro-react package is free for React Calender Component?

Answered: Yes, the "daypilot-pro-react" package is paid. If you are looking for the free package, take a look at "@daypilot/daypilot-lite-react": The...

How to set a custom class on Bubble in Angular project?

Answered: You can set a custom CSS class using the config: const bubble = new DayPilot.Bubble({ theme: "mybubble", // ... }); All CSS classes used in the bubble will be prefixed with "mybubble_" ins...

Clean solution to import custom scheduler theme with prefix CSS in Angular project

Answered: Two steps are required: 1. Include the theme in the global CSS (styles.css): @import url('themes/your_theme.css'); 2. Activate it using the "theme" config property: config: DayPilot.SchedulerCo...

Resource label vertical alignment on concurrent event

Answered: Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. You can modify the CSS and show the row header title at the top of the cell (the middle position may not work well for large heights).

How to add css class to separator?

Answered: The latest sandbox build now supports "cssClass" property for separators. Also, the separator divs are marked with "*_separator" CSS class (e.g. "scheduler_default_separator" for the default theme).

Scheduler Half-Hour Border Color

Answered: The easiest way would probably be to insert custom separators at the specified time points:

Does HourHalfBorderColor still works in new Calendar version ?

Answered: This property is obsolete now when CssOnly="false" mode is not supported anymore. However, you can achieve this effect using CSS. The border is defined using a cell class. The default style ("calenda...

Scheduler styling: small vertical open space between rightmost column and right border

The right side of the scheduler looks like this: Is it possible to just hide the outer border, or is there another solution to this? I'm using angular daypilot and I created ...

HourHalfBorderColor in CssOnly mode

Hi, i'm trying to update an old project using Daypilot Calendar to use the new CssOnly available since v7. I'm stuck trying to reproduce the HourHalfBorderColor properties of non CssOnly mode. I need...

Themes not working correctly?

Answered: looks like it was just confusion on my part as to how the cssOnly attribute worked. if I manually set the background with beforecellrender as seen at

Modal CSS

Answered: Yes, you can load the stylesheets directly in the page loaded using the DayPilot.Modal.showUrl() - e.g. Edit.aspx. Pages open in an iframe don't use the stylesheets of the parent page.

Styling DayPilot Month

Hi there, I'm currently working with the DayPilot Pro for ASP.NET Demo and am having problems with turning off the "style" attributes applied to the "Month". I note that from the Month: CSS Class Sty...

How to knows all the default css property name of DayPilot Calendar?

Answered: All the classes mentioned in the documentation should be working fine: alldayevent (all-day event box) event (event box) cellbackground (time cell) colheader (column header cell) alldayheader (all-da...

css file for calendar

Answered: If you want the page around the modal window to be darkened using this semi-transparent div, you need to keep these two non-standard properties there (filter for IE and opacity for the other browsers...

ContextMenu CSS Support

Answered: CSS styling of the menu is now fully supported since 6.1 release: See also:

CSS Support

Answered: CSS support for DayPilot Month was added in 5.5 release. See also DayPilot Month: CSS Class Styling.
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