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Working Hour

Answered: You can customize the business hours using businessBeginsHour and businessEndsHour propertes. See also:

get all the months in a year

Answered: The date picker component can be configured to display multiple months: They can be arranged vertically or horizontally:

How to show Event name as tooltip in navigator?

Answered: Unfortunately, the navigator doesn't support showing event details. It can only show free/busy status for the visible days.

How to change the position of next and prev buttons in Day pilot navigator or manually invoke the methods associated with these two buttons?

Answered: The position of the next/previous buttons can't be changed. However, you can hide it using CSS and switch the dates manually using the select() method:

Updating Navigator's SelectMode from codebehind

Answered: At this moment the SelectMode has to be changed on the client side: nav.selectMode = "month"; nav.update(); Another option is to place the DayPilotNavigator control inside an UpdatePanel.

Navigator selection days

Answered: It's in the wishlist but there is no specific time plan. There is an option to sponsor this feature if you'd like to set a fixed implementation date - please contact if you'd like ...

Hide/Show Navigator in AngularJS(Datepicker style)?

Answered: You can access the DayPilot.Navigator object using $scope.navigator (because id="navigator"). The config only holds the configuration data (it has no methods). Try this instead: // show $scope.nav...

Navigator onTimeRangeSelected with Switcher

Answered: I've solved using onTimeRangeSelect insted of onTimeRangeSelected. Bye

Navigator looks weird

Hi, This is how the navigator looks: code: As you can see the bottom line is to short and the right line doesn't show at all. How can I fix...

Navigator in Day Pilot Lite Version

Answered: Sorry - it is but it doesn't have any server-side part. The JavaScript source can be found in Demo/Scripts/DayPilot/src folder.

How to bind MVC View's Navigator with Controller

Answered: The Navigator supports loading free/busy data from the endpoint specified using BackendUrl. Please see the following doc page: You need to cr...

Can you define a Long Weekend?

Answered: You can use DayPilotNavigator.BeforeCellRender event handler to add a custom CSS class to a day cell. Note that in version 7.7 the CssClass value...

How do I hook into when the user clicks a date in the Navigator?

Answered: You need to handle TimeRangeSelected event manually: TimeRangeSelectedHandling = TimeRangeSelectedHandlingType.JavaScript, TimeRangeSelectedJavaScript = "yourHandler(start, end);" If you want to...

Get start date from Navigator

Hi, I want to get the date selected from the Navigator and pass it in my Page_Load method. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks

Navigator for DayPilot Calendar with ViewType='workweek'

Is there an easy way ('easy' meaning preferably some sort of DayPilot attribute/method) to make a navigator bound to a dpc whose viewtype is set to workweek? The problem I'm getting is that I'm using...

how to change the value of the multipal DayPilotCalendar based on the click of DayPilotNavigator

Answered: Please see here:

Show weeknumbers in DayPilotNavigator?

Answered: You can show week numbers using ShowWeekNumbers="true". See also:
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