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DayPilot Vue Event Calendar loses css after build

Answered: This is not a limitation of the trial version. I recommend checking the DOM structure of the production build in the browser (using developer tools) to see whether the elements are using the expected...

How can I change the name of the event groups?

Answered: You can set custom HTML displayed by the group using onBeforeGroupRender event: onBeforeGroupRender: args => { = ...

Create event only by clicking (Calendar)

Answered: If you click a calendar cell, it will fire onTimeRangeSelect (and onTimeRangeSelected) event handler where you can create a new event. This works in both versions (Lite and Pro). To make sure only a ...

Issue when updating resources

Hello, I am using the scheduler type calendar, and when I try to make an update with the resources, I get the following error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'hidden') ...

How can I improve data load in vue js

Answered: All main components (Calendar, Month, Scheduler) provide visibleStart() and visibleEnd() methods that you can use to get the start and end of the current date segment (calculated from startDate/days)...

How to set dynamic value into parent row cell value

Answered: Please take a look at this tutorial:

custom resource field

Answered: You'll need to transform your data set to match the data structure required by the Scheduler. It displays the name specified by the "name" property:

Hourly range covering two consecutive days

Answered: OK, thanks for the update. In the Scheduler, there are two ways to achieve that: 1. You can define the timeline manually by adding individual cells: 2. Yo...

Recurrence in Vue

Answered: There is no built-in recurrence support in the JavaScript version. The recurrence needs to be implemented on the server side and the implementation will be platform-specific. If you only work with a ...

Using Daypilot vue sample with vue v3 did not work.

Answered: Vue 3 is now supported (since build 2020.4.4798).
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