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Save selected dropdown item to the database

Answered: After the modal dialog is closed, you need to call an API endpoint that will save the changes. You can access the updated data object as "modal.result". The selected value is accessible as "modal.res...

timerangeselected does not fire when click on one cell

On my paid version of DayPilot, Timerangeselected fires when I drag my mouse over an empty time slot, but it does not fire when I click an empty time slot. I would like it to fire, or is there anothe...

Event bg color does not change after being selected in scheduler

Answered: Nevermind I found my own answer on this board with a bit more searching. For those curious here is the post that helped me. Thanks.

Scheduler - select TimeRange with strg or shift key

Hello, I want to select a TimeRange with the strg oder shift key. I don't use the solution with the popup to enter a start and end date. I want that the user select the range with the strg oder shift...
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