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Resize and drag not working if ShowNonBusiness is set to False

Answered: I was using the latest version. I now found the issue on a js conflict. I'm using prototype.js that has an "any" function that was throwing an error when moving or resizing event on the scheduler. Th...

Resize scheduler cells by user?

Answered: Unfortunately, that is not supported.

Scheduler Event - Before the current date

Answered: Yes, you can mark the cells in the past as disabled:

The calendar event handler does not work in window resizing.

Answered: It looks like Chrome doesn't fire window.onresize if you change the window size between "any state" <-> "minimized". However, it is fired if you switch between "normal" and "maximized" state. This is...

Event overlap javascript

Answered: Found a solution: dc = dp.resources[x].children[y].id; var dcStart =; var dcEnd =; var deStart = args.start.addMinutes(30); var deEn...

Disable HeaderColumn resize

Hi, is there a method or a property to disable resize of HeaderColumns? I have created 3 custom columns in my scheduler and I really need to lock their size. Thanks Davide

Scheduler event diseapear after resize/move

Answered: Older versions of DayPilot stored event data in ViewState by default. Newer versions use StoreEventsInViewState property to control the behavior. By default it is set to "false". You can enable the o...

Display Modal Box on Event Resize with Updated event details

Answered: If you want to open a modal dialog with event details after event resizing is complete, the best way is to open the modal dialog using AfterRenderJavaScript. This event is fired on the client side du...

Multi Resizing

Hi. We are currently evaluating Daypilot Scheduler. Very satisfied with the multiselect and multimove features. But we are missing the option to select multiple events and then resize all selected si...

Reject new values from server-side

Hi, I’m using DayPilotScheduler resize event, to update new start and end dates of my events into data base. Before accept those changes, some server-side validations are done and new values must be ...
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