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Applying CSS styles to dynamic "bubble" popovers

Answered: The "month_default_event_hover" class specifies appearance of calendar events when you move a mouse over it. To control the callout width, you can use "bubble_default_main" class (for the default the...

How to make long contents to fit in the event cell while printing ?

Answered: The Scheduler doesn't wrap the text automatically during export but you can use args.text to insert line breaks using '\n' characters in onBeforeEventExport event:

cannot find dayBeginsHour for reactjs

Answered: Unfortunately, these properties are only available in the Pro version of the React Calendar. See also:

Scheduler - TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'left')

Answered: The latest sandbox build (2022.3.5424) now includes a fix for this scenario. Could you please give it a try and let me know if it solves the issue?

How do I embed a html link in the Event text?

Answered: The "DataTextField" property specifies the name of the data source item field that will be used to set the event text. If you want to set custom event HTML (hyperlink, image, etc.) you can use the Be...

How to display event details in cell with new line (\n) ?

Answered: To add line breaks to Scheduler event text, you need to use the "html" property and insert "<br>" tags. The text provided using the "text" property will be HTML-encoded automatically (XSS protection ...

Empty start or end date corrupts DB

Answered: The current version works like this: The Scheduler doesn't create any event by itself. If users select a time range, the Scheduler fires he onTimeRangeSelected event (

Disable Column in js Calendar

Answered: The cells can only be marked as disabled using the onBeforeCellRender event handler. This reactive design ensures the best performance of your app and prevents state synchronization issues. You shoul...

How to get the Week data in daypilot datepicker if we select any date?

Answered: You can switch the date picker to "week" mode when it selects a week automatically. Please see my answer here:

How to create the Week Wise date picker in Scheduler?

Answered: The Navigator component (date picker) can be switched to select a week using the selectMode property:

Update draggable item list

Answered: I'm not sure what exactly you are trying to achieve, but there are several options: 1. You can remove the list item and create a new one, activating it using makeDraggable() again. 2. You can only ch...

Exporting/Printing scheduler - event customization

Answered: Unfortunately, it's not possible to apply custom event height during export. However, you can use the built-in "versions" feature which is created just for this scenario (to display planned vs. actua...

How to use the daypilot pro javascript license after purchase?

Answered: After purchase, you will receive login details for the customer area ( where you can get a special NPM link which you replace in your package.json.

OnEventMove waiting on modal response -- cancel response breaks scheduler

Answered: By calling setTimeout() in onEventMove you create a new JavaScript message that will be processed later as the JavaScript event loop continues (see also

Using Vue Calendar component with the Composition API

Answered: When using the Composition API in Vue, you can use the calendar component like this: <template> <DayPilotCalendar id="dp" :config="config" /> </template> <script> import {DayPilotCalendar} ...

How to disable dynamically an item in Context Menu in Scheduler?

Answered: You can disable menu items dynamically using the onShow event handler:

Angular Gantt chart row header expand collapse not working.

Answered: 1. Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce the first issue. In Angular, it's important to remember that the expanded/collapsed state is stored in the data source. If you load the Gantt chart tasks u...

Different cell splitting for different events in same scheduler

Answered: You probably know that during drag and drop operations, you can adjust the target range using the real-time events (onTimeRangeSelecting, onEventMoving, onEventResizing) so you are able to change the...

how to find how many events we have in single cell (Scheduler)?

Answered: You can use method to get a list of Scheduler events for a specified time range: You can also assign custom utili...

How can show Scheduler event text without wrapping ?

Answered: To disable text wrapping, the eventTextWrappingEnabled value must be set to false. It adds "whitespace: no-wrap" style to the event element. See also:
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