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DayPilot schedule become slower when working with a large data set

Answered: Please take a look at this Angular performance guide:

autoScroll horizontal scroll only

Answered: Unfortunately, there is no way to control the auto-scroll in a single direction only at this moment.

Console.log display error unique ID

Answered: Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce the problem using the sample project. Please note that duplicate IDs are not allowed. Every event that you add to the Scheduler needs to have a unique ID ("id...

Issues with keyboard navigation and custom themes

Answered: The way the focused element (cell/event) is highlighted is not final and it may change in the final release - that's why the Theme Designer doesn't include support for the keyboard focus yet. The bui...

No row header scrolling in combination with frozen rows

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in build 2020.4.4757. Please let me know if it doesn't work as expected.

Showing/Hiding resource columns doesn't synchronize with frozen rows resource area

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2020.4.4741).

Add/edit events with in-place editor

Answered: The keyboard navigation tutorial is now available:

Adding an extra line on timetable

Answered: Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment and I can't think of any workaround.

Write back from rendered component inside event to its data

Answered: You need to change the event data object and call; to update the view. Depending on how much you want to encapsulate the component, you can either pass DayPilot.Scheduler insta...

Customizing time header cell after binding

Answered: If you load the events using one of the optimized methods, e.g. events.load(); or update({events: [...]}); the Scheduler will only update the events. You'll need to force a full refresh to re-render ...

Padding on Table Layout => Delta on timerangeselection

Answered: It seems to be a Bootstrap theme conflict, not a DayPilot issue, I will investigate my side,

Find multiple events using

Answered: The primary purpose of events.find() is to find an event by ID. It searches events.list and if you need to filter the event data I recommend accessing the data store directly: let events = dp.event...

Changing resources property doesn't update in the frozen rows

Answered: This issue should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2020.4.4741). It also fixes this issue:

Is there an event on resizing rowHeaderWidth

Answered: Yes, it's onRowHeaderResized:

Angular Scheduler how to resize entire resource column

Answered: This property is now added in the latest sandbox build (2020.4.4740).

Scroll not working in ionic v1

Answered: We don't officially support Ionic. It may or may not work. Ionic is quietly intercepting events and doing some weird things, especially in the early versions. I recommend trying it with the latest Io...

Control event text (numeric or alphanumeric)

Answered: The latest sandbox build (2020.4.4729) lets now includes an experimental onAfterEventEditRender event handler that lets you access the editing <textarea> element using args.element. You can use it to...

Resize scheduler cells by user?

Answered: Unfortunately, that is not supported.

Manipulate the text in the in-place editor

Answered: The args.newText value is read-only and you can change the text by canceling the default event and submitting the adjusted value: dp.onEventEdit = function(args) { args.preventDefault(); args...

Limit time range selecting to one day

Answered: It's OK, I found the solution myself using onTimeRangeSelecting
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