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How to collapse tasks based on field from database

Answered: In onBeforeTaskRender, it is only possible to access the raw data object ( The DayPilot.Task object is not available yet. To collapse the rows, you can set the prop...

Angular Gantt chart row header expand collapse not working.

Answered: 1. Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce the first issue. In Angular, it's important to remember that the expanded/collapsed state is stored in the data source. If you load the Gantt chart tasks u...

Rowspan undefined with collapsed resources and multiple columns

Answered: This should be already fixed in the latest version (which is now 2022.3.5384). Please let me know if the problem persists.

How to collapse all groups by default ?

Answered: You probably mean the Gantt chart which displays the nodes expanded by default. You can override the default value using row.collapsed property of the data object: { id: 1 start: "2019-01-01T...

Keep expanded/Collapsed state after a postback Daypilot Gantt

Answered: If you set StoreTasksInViewState="true" the current state of the whole task hierarchy will be saved in the ViewState and it will be available on the server side during PostBacks.

How to Expand/Collapse all nodes on resource tree in a single click?

Answered: Yes, you can use rows.expandAll() method: dp.rows.expandAll(); See also:
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