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Non-reproducible problems with converting some "YYYY-MM-DD" date strings to DayPilot.Date

Answered: The following object: { "Global": {...}, "isKhtml": true, "isIE": false, "isIEQuirks": false, "browser": {...}, "libs": {...}, "touch": {...}, "Stats": {...}, "Util": {...}, "Areas": {......

Typescript compile errors in daypilot-angular.min.d.ts

Answered: These errors are fixed now in build 2914. Thanks for reporting the problem!

Somebody please prevent this error

Answered: 1. If you want to use this event handler to customize the Navigator cells you need to add the method to the code behind: protected void DayPilotNavigator1_OnBeforeCellRender(object sender, Befo...

How to process event double click without error in DayPilot Calendar?

Answered: Please see the documentation on how to use event double click event: In the latest realease (
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