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change calendar type based on device screen size

Answered: Try this var smallscreen = (window.screen.width < 800); if (smallscreen) { // use a weekly or daily calendar var dp = new DayPilot.Calendar("calendar", { //viewType: "Week", ...

How can I display shorten name of the Week?

Answered: The timeHeaders property is only applicable to the Scheduler component. In the Calendar component, you can change the date format using headerDateFormat property:


Answered: Please take a look at this tutorial - it shows how to load calendar events from a database:

daypilot-pro-react package is free for React Calender Component?

Answered: Yes, the "daypilot-pro-react" package is paid. If you are looking for the free package, take a look at "@daypilot/daypilot-lite-react": The...

Multicolumn in week Calendar

Answered: When you switch the calendar viewType to "Resources", you can define custom columns. Take a look at the following documentation page: Exampl...

For Database

Answered: There is no specific PostgreSQL tutorial available but you can check the Angular + MySQL tutorials: In order to switch the tutorials to MySQL you'd n...

How can I fetch value of new column from database and display it on the calendar?

Answered: You can use onBeforeEventRender event handler to modify the event HTML ( using the staff column ( You can also m...

regarding SAAS license

Answered: When you need to deploy multiple instances (e.g. for scalability reasons) you'll need to upgrade to a multi-server license (i.e. SaaS Team or SaaS Office).

How to switch between the Day,Week and Month view in Angular4

Answered: Please see the following sample project that shows how to implement a calendar with day/week/month views:

Daypilot - change start day of the week

Answered: The first day of week is determined by the Calendar locale. The default locale is "en-us" which uses Sunday as the first day of week. You can switch to one of the predefined locales (https://api.dayp...

How to stop drag and drop feature on event calendar

Answered: You need to turn the features off one by one: dp.eventMoveHandling = "Disabled"; dp.eventResizeHandling = "Disabled"; dp.timeRangeSelectedHandling = "Disabled"; See also the following tutorial ...

Week Numbers - Using Financial year

Hi, I would like my week numbers on the navigator to start from the 1st April, the financial year and not the 1st January Is this possible?

whom to contact if i want to buy this

Answered: Please contact for sales-related questions, thanks.

How to change weekly calender

Answered: You can change the visible week using startDate property: <select id="week"> <option value="2016-04-04">Week 14</option> <option value="2016-04-11">Week 15</option> </select> <div id="dp"...

Week Days

Answered: This is possible, but you need to Pro version ( If you switch to the "timesheet" view using ViewType="Days" it will display 24 hours of day on the X axis and days on...

How to display day, week, month and year view on selection of user choice?

Answered: The best way is to add one control for each of the views (day/week/month) and hide all except of one. 1. You can do this by simply wrapping them in a div with style="display:none" and change this pro...
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