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Answered: I’m not sure if that’s what you mean but in the Calendar component in the Pro version, it is possible to select multiple events and then delete them using the API (use to get a l...

change calendar type based on device screen size

Answered: Try this var smallscreen = (window.screen.width < 800); if (smallscreen) { // use a weekly or daily calendar var dp = new DayPilot.Calendar("calendar", { //viewType: "Week", ...

How can I display shorten name of the Week?

Answered: The timeHeaders property is only applicable to the Scheduler component. In the Calendar component, you can change the date format using headerDateFormat property:


Answered: Please take a look at this tutorial - it shows how to load calendar events from a database:

daypilot-pro-react package is free for React Calender Component?

Answered: Yes, the "daypilot-pro-react" package is paid. If you are looking for the free package, take a look at "@daypilot/daypilot-lite-react": The...

Multicolumn in week Calendar

Answered: When you switch the calendar viewType to "Resources", you can define custom columns. Take a look at the following documentation page: Exampl...

For Database

Answered: There is no specific PostgreSQL tutorial available but you can check the Angular + MySQL tutorials: In order to switch the tutorials to MySQL you'd n...

How can I fetch value of new column from database and display it on the calendar?

Answered: You can use onBeforeEventRender event handler to modify the event HTML ( using the staff column ( You can also m...

regarding SAAS license

Answered: When you need to deploy multiple instances (e.g. for scalability reasons) you'll need to upgrade to a multi-server license (i.e. SaaS Team or SaaS Office).

How to switch between the Day,Week and Month view in Angular4

Answered: Please see the following sample project that shows how to implement a calendar with day/week/month views:

Daypilot - change start day of the week

Answered: The first day of week is determined by the Calendar locale. The default locale is "en-us" which uses Sunday as the first day of week. You can switch to one of the predefined locales (https://api.dayp...

How to stop drag and drop feature on event calendar

Answered: You need to turn the features off one by one: dp.eventMoveHandling = "Disabled"; dp.eventResizeHandling = "Disabled"; dp.timeRangeSelectedHandling = "Disabled"; See also the following tutorial ...

Week Numbers - Using Financial year

Hi, I would like my week numbers on the navigator to start from the 1st April, the financial year and not the 1st January Is this possible?

whom to contact if i want to buy this

Answered: Please contact for sales-related questions, thanks.

How to change weekly calender

Answered: You can change the visible week using startDate property: <select id="week"> <option value="2016-04-04">Week 14</option> <option value="2016-04-11">Week 15</option> </select> <div id="dp"...

Week Days

Answered: This is possible, but you need to Pro version ( If you switch to the "timesheet" view using ViewType="Days" it will display 24 hours of day on the X axis and days on...

How to display day, week, month and year view on selection of user choice?

Answered: The best way is to add one control for each of the views (day/week/month) and hide all except of one. 1. You can do this by simply wrapping them in a div with style="display:none" and change this pro...
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