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Demo does not work

Answered: Thanks for reporting the issue! The current date is changed using the onTimeRangeSelected event of the date picker (Navigator): const navigatorConfig = { // ... onTimeRangeSelected: args => { ...

update is Undefined (Calendar)

Answered: The value of "this.$refs.calendar" will be null before the component is mounted. That means the computed "calendar()" method will return null as well. If you call "loadEvents()" too early it will thr...

error with computed function (Calendar)

Answered: The $refs values will only be accessible after the component is mounted. Before that, this.$refs.calendar (or any other $refs value) will be undefined and you will see this error. 1. If you move your...

Parent resource id (Vue Scheduler)

Answered: The "dp" variable used in example is a reference to DayPilot.Scheduler object. In Vue, you can get it using the "ref" attribute: <template> <DayPilotScheduler id="dp" :config="config" ref="sched...

Prevent Event Move (Vue Scheduler)

Answered: You can implement custom rules for event moving using "onEventMoving" event handler. You can find an example here:

event display

Answered: By default, the Scheduler aligns event boxes with the grid cells. The exact start and end are displayed using the duration bar at the top of the event. You can turn it off using "useEventBoxes" prope...

How can I improve data load in vue js

Answered: All main components (Calendar, Month, Scheduler) provide visibleStart() and visibleEnd() methods that you can use to get the start and end of the current date segment (calculated from startDate/days)...

How to set dynamic value into parent row cell value

Answered: Please take a look at this tutorial:

How to use pro DayPilot in vue js

Answered: There turned out to be a problem with Vue 2.7. It should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (2022.3.5436): Please let me know if the problem persists.

Using Vue Calendar component with the Composition API

Answered: When using the Composition API in Vue, you can use the calendar component like this: <template> <DayPilotCalendar id="dp" :config="config" /> </template> <script> import {DayPilotCalendar} ...

custom resource field

Answered: You'll need to transform your data set to match the data structure required by the Scheduler. It displays the name specified by the "name" property:

Binding Jquery datatable with vue scheduler

Answered: It is possible to activate any DOM element as draggable to the Scheduler. If you have access to the row items in the jquery datatable then you can using DayPilot.Scheduler.makeDraggable() method to a...

In tutorial app is referenced

Answered: It's the Vue app: var app = new Vue({ el: '#scheduler-app', data: { } }); It was missing in the previous code samples - the tutorial is updated now.

Scheduler export with html tags

Answered: If you define the content using active areas you will get better support during the export and you will be able to include images. See an example here:


Answered: You can get the NPM installation command from Just select "Vue" and "NPM" in the toolbar:
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