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Recurrence in Vue

Answered: There is no built-in recurrence support in the JavaScript version. The recurrence needs to be implemented on the server side and the implementation will be platform-specific. If you only work with a ...

Link between assignment and recurrence

Answered: Please see the SQL schema at the bottom of the article. The recurrence information (serialized rule) is stored in AssignmentRecurrence field (Assignment table). DayPilot uses this rule to expand this...

StartDate = null after decode a recurring event.

Hi everyone, I am useing the following code to make a recurring event. RecurrenceRule rule= RecurrenceRule.FromDateTime(id, start).Weekly().Times(times); In rule the StartDate is correct. After Encod...

Daypilot recurrence events error

0 down vote favorite I have used the recurrence feature used by daypilot calendar as following : protected void Calendar_BeforeEventRecurrence(DayPilot.Web.Ui.Events.Calendar.BeforeEventRecurrenceEve...

Recurrence Issue

I have an event in a database that needs to be set as recurring on the calendar. Currently I have a field called 'recurr' in the sql query for the data that is set to 1 for this event. How can I tell...

DP Month Recurring Events Using Modal Window

Answered: The following menu item will open Edit.aspx page in a modal dialog : <DayPilot:MenuItem Text="Open" Action="JavaScript" JavaScript="dialog().showUrl('Edit.aspx?id=' + e.value());" /> This is the ...

Calendar renders wrong Recurrent Events

Answered: As far as I can tell it behaves as specified. It might not be what you need, however. 1. It doesn't take the event end into account, i.e. it repeats the event based on its start, no matter when it ac...

problems with the new recurrence mechanism

Answered: Scheduling applications might get complex easily and I won't pretend DayPilot has a prebuilt solution for all the cases. One of the first things you may need to do is to switch from a simple one-tabl...

Reccurence problem in week view

Answered: The recurrence is designed this way. The first event is always fixed and the following occurrences are generated using the rule. You can update the start date of this first event to match the rule (i...

Reccurence problem in month view

Answered: You should move the first event so it matches the rule, please see also here:

Reccurence view

Answered: The first event is not considered a part of the series. That's why it can have any start and it's not counted towards the limit when Times() rule is used. See also:

Problem with weekly recurrence

Answered: This is by design. The first event is always defined by its start and end. The subsequent occurrences are following the recurrence rule. This is how it works internally. However, you should be able t...

RecurrenceExpander.Expand generates wrong value for 'end' column

Answered: It's fixed now in the sandbox (build 6.4.2264). Thanks for reporting the issue!

Recurrent Appointment not rendering into 2011

Answered: There seems to be a bug in the code that expands the rule into the individual occurrences. I will need to fix the algorithm.

Repeat Events

Answered: Recurrence is supported since 6.0 release: See also a tutorial for DayPilot Calendar:
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