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How to set dates in X-Axis and resources in Y-Axis

Answered: You can use the Calendar in resources mode:

Problems between Infinite Scrolling and Switcher over Scheduler Calendar

Answered: The Switcher is only necessary if you want to manage different components, e.g. DayPilot.Calendar for the week view and DayPilot.Month for the Month view. If you are using two different configuration...

Resource start time format in scheduler

Answered: When you specify the data source for the Gantt columns it will take the source data and display them using the default format. In case of DateTime fields, it is DateTime.ToString() method. This metho...

Bubbles with dates on scheduler have static locale.

Answered: This is a bug, indeed - it should be fixed now in the latest sandbox build (8.1.1931): These indicators are disabled by default - you can enable them using .ti...

Is DayPilot right for this job?

Answered: There are three views/controls that will let you display one cell per day: 1. Navigator (a small monthly calendar that usually serves as a date picker) 2. Monthly e...
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