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How to prevent the changed between dates when we implemented Rowfilter and Scrolling.

Hi everybody, I have a trouble with the plugin, and I don't know how to fix it. I implemented Infinite Scrolliing and RowFilter, the problem ocurrs when I filtered the Scheduler and the dates moved. ...

Problems between Infinite Scrolling and Switcher over Scheduler Calendar

Answered: The Switcher is only necessary if you want to manage different components, e.g. DayPilot.Calendar for the week view and DayPilot.Month for the Month view. If you are using two different configuration...

Fixed Hour Column in DayPilot Calendar and Vertical Scrollbar Always Visible

I need the hour column of the calendar to be fixed (so it stays in place while I scroll right). As much as I would like to do it myself, I haven't got the time to dig through all the 6500 lines of co...
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